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Will it be a Baby Boy or Girl?

boygirlBack before advances in technology and medicine brought us into the modern world, many of the wisdoms of everyday life came from the speculations and practices of everyday women. Left to their own devices, these women established firm beliefs that governed every aspect of their lives – including how to tell if the little one on the way was going to be a girl or boy. Without much else to rely on, expecting moms looked to the tell-tale signs of their elders, passed down from generation to the next. Entertain the idea, just for a moment, that you didn’t have access to modern technology. What would the old wives tales tell you about your little one?

And That’s How You Make a Baby!

Far from an exact science, the old wives tales were often irrational – but quiet entertaining from where we’re sitting. The old wives tales held, for example, that if the head of your bedpost aimed in a specific direction during conception, you could determine whether or not you were going to conceive a boy or a girl; depending, of course, on your preference! Also believing that different sexes originated in different testicles, these old wives tales advised young brides to tie back one of the testicles during conception so that they could choose the sex of the child they wanted. Other tales even believed that the sex of a child was determined by the things you ate before hand; and – throughout your pregnancy.

“You’re Craving Peppers? Must be a Boy!”

If the old wives thought that certain things could help you establish the sex of your child before conception, they also believed that a number of tell-tale signs could help you discover the sex of your child during pregnancy. The things you ate, for example, while pregnant were expected to reveal your child’s sex because boys and girls were thought to want different types of foods – communicated, of course, through mommy’s cravings.

“You’re looking a Little Pale, Must be that Baby Girl!”

A mother’s physical appearance was also expected to reveal the sex of the child she was carrying. If the baby settled high up in the tummy, she was believed to be carrying a boy; and if her belly was broad and you could see its shape from behind her, she was believed to be carrying a girl. If an expecting mother appeared less healthy or “beautiful” than usual, it was believed that she was carrying a baby girl who was draining all of her beauty from her.

“And the Elder’s Say You’re Going to Have a ….”

Great for entertainment at a baby shower, exploring old wives tales and playing with their predictive powers can be a lot of fun! This quiz, a great big collection of all of the old wives tales rolled into one, is one you don’t want to miss. Delve into your superstitious side and see what the elders think you’re going to have!

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Pregnancy Symptoms: Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant

Pregnancy-SymptomsThe road to getting pregnant can be an uphill battle for some women. They may ponder about being pregnant on a regular basis. Others may get pregnant without even trying. A lot of women that are trying to avoid getting pregnant may often find themselves in a situation where they have to quiz themselves. A few of the factors below are things that every woman can answer to find out if they are with child.

Last Menstrual Cycle

The first sign of a possibly pregnancy is the last menstrual cycle. The problem is that many women do not keep a good count of the number of days between the first and last period. Most women have an estimate, but it always slightly off. Most women have irregular cycles so this makes it even more difficult to use this factor. Still, this can be one of the best indicators if a woman has a monthly period. If it is more than 2 weeks late there is a good possibility that the woman may be pregnant.

Last Sexual Encounter

When you are unsure of your last cycle you may also have to consider your last sexual encounter. It if often easier for single women than it is for married women to keep track of this. A married woman may have intercourse several times between the first and last period. This may make it a bit more difficult to keep track of this time frame. A woman that is casually dating, on the other hand, may have a better timeline.

Feelings of Nausea

If there are some feelings of morning sickness a baby may definitely be on the way. There are certainly a lot of different times when women may be sick for other reasons, but things like vomiting are not common place. If a woman throws up she should certainly look further into this. At this point it may be wise to go out and buy a test.

The Pregnancy Test

There are false positives that can occur with pregnancy tests so women should pick up more than one. This is going to be the most successful way to make the determination on your pregnancy. Women that go out to get the test can find the early response tests that may give them results about possible pregnancies sooner. When the test is positive it will be beneficial to set up an appointment with a gynecologist to confirm the results of the test.

Choosing and Using a Play Yard

Play YardIn the opinion of pediatricians, child psychologists and even parents, a play yard is a baby care item whose usage bears strong consideration but has both positive and negative aspects.

What is Play Yard?

In the USA, the term play pen connotes a piece of baby furniture designed for the purpose of providing a safe and stable environment for babies and toddlers. Originally made of wood for both the sides and bottom surface, play pens were square shaped with a pad placed across the 4-by-4 foot bottom surface. As time passed and expense became a consideration, while still square shaped, play pens were made from a mesh-webbing fabric which ultimately gave the play pen less of a fenced-in aura.

The majority of play yards are larger than play pens and afford a variety of shape options. Play yards consist of four to six heavy-duty plastic panels that lock together in either a rectangular or hexagonal arrangement.

While pack & play is a brand name associated with a particular, well-known baby care furnishings company, basically, they are a combination of a play area and a bassinette.

Advantages Associated With a Play Yard

The overall purpose of these items is to provide a safe and stable environment for infant development. Whether wooden or mesh, they are designed to enhance muscular coordination as babies learn to roll over, sit erect, stand and take those first steps. From the viewpoint of pediatricians and child psychologists, the usage of one of these items contributes to the capacity for self-entertainment derived from toys and other educational items placed within them.

Irregardless of its size and shape, the usage of one of these items avoids the possibility of contact with electrical outlets, sharp corners on furniture and cords attached to TVs and other items that could result in serious injury or a fatal accident.

Some Negative Connotations of a Play Yard

If baby falls asleep while occupying one of these, for many child caregivers, there is the temptation not to chance waking the child in the process of moving him or her to a crib or bassinette to continue napping.

From the viewpoint of modern day pediatricians, child psychologists and parents, the usage of one of these items, places restrictive limitations on freedom and on cognitive learning and development derived from the ability to explore the world around him or her.

Choosing The Most Appropriate Baby Carrier

Baby CarrierWith their increasing popularity, modernity has given mothers a myriad of options to consider when it comes to choosing the most appropriate baby carrier. Baby carriers come in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors and more; from the basic cotton to exquisitely embellished silk. Whether you want a unique carrier for a special occasion or something to match your everyday outfit there are a wide variety of options, which are both attractive and functional. There are a number of factors that should come in mind when selecting the most appropriate baby carrier for your child.

Baby’s Safety

The baby’s safety is the first thing that should come in mind when choosing a baby carrier. In determining the security of the baby it is important to consider ergonomics. The positioning of the baby should be in a way that promotes maximum support and comfort. The carrier should provide proper head and neck support to the baby. If ergonomics is not followed up keenly it poses the risk of hip dysplasia. Eco-health should also be considered when looking into the safety of the baby; a good example of this would be ensuring that the fabric being used is organic. Carriers that maximize on babies’ safety should contain the baby in a close. However, the best safety practice totally depends on how you carry the baby.

Parent’s Comfort

The parents’ comfort should also be taken into consideration when selecting the best baby carrier. Normally, most carriers handle new-born babies without any form of struggle. However, the problem comes in when the baby reaches the 15 pound mark. At this point the parent may start to experience strain on the back, neck as well as the shoulders. According to research, shoulder strain is by far the biggest strain experienced by baby wearers. The best carrier to deal with this problem is one with wide, well-padded straps and a waist belt. A well-designed waist belt would support most of the baby’s weight thus relieving the burden off the shoulders. The more the shoulder padding, the more convenient the baby carrier would be. The best carrier for a toddler is one that has a 35 pound limit, as it can also be used in a piggy back mode.

Baby’s Comfort

The baby’s comfort is also another consideration factor. Soft baby carrier seats should provide complete neck and head support for the baby. A wider seat often provides more comfort especially as the baby grows older, as it distributes their weight on the carrier. Leg openings can also feature additional padding for comfort. The baby’s head and should also be supported well in a comfortable position. Most importantly it is necessary to look for carriers made of very soft material since some parts of the baby’s skin may be exposed to it.

Period of Usage

The period in which you plan to wear your baby is also crucial. Some carriers are restricted to babies of a particular age, while others can cover a wide range of ages. Parents should therefore look for carriers that best suite how long they plan to carry their babies; if they plan to carry them only for a few months infant baby carriers are best and if the plan to carry them for long periods of up to a year or two, it would be best to settle for carriers that cover wide age ranges. You can also select the most appropriate carrier for longer periods based on the type and quality of material used, settling for stronger and more durable products.

Ease of Cleaning

Since baby carriers are exposed to drooling, being spat on or even thrown into diaper bags, they need frequent cleaning. Thus the need for a baby carrier that is easy to clean. There are a number of carriers that come with a removable bib, which makes them easier to clean.

Developmental Benefits of Using a Baby Gym Play Mat

Baby Gym Play MatA baby play mat is very important for parents to have. They don’t want their children playing on rugs or uncovered floors. The hardwood floors can be very cold on a baby’s skin and rugs can cause them to be uncomfortable. Since there is a use for a baby play mat, many parents shop around for one until they find the best one for their child.

The Baby Care Play Mat is excellent for youngsters because it has a cushioned surface. It is also safe for the baby to roll, tumble and crawl on. The Baby Care Play Mat is also waterproof, which makes it completely easy to clean. Parents will just need to use a damp cloth with a mild soap to clean it off. It is also made to keep the noise out of the picture so a baby can play for a long time without making a lot of noise. The baby will also have plenty of great cartoon pictures to look at in fabulous colors. This will help them with their eye coordination as they are growing. It is a very wonderful baby play mat that will encourage a baby to grow at their own pace.

When people are traveling with their baby, they need to take the Baby Care Play Mat with them. They will want to have it handy in hotels, in other people’s homes or wherever they are traveling too. Placing the baby on the mat will ensure that they are safe and well attended to. Since it is made for easy carrying, parents will just need to roll it up and put it in their carry bag. This makes it a very convenient item to take with them wherever they want to take their baby. They can also place it in a suitcase if it is more convenient for them when they are traveling.

Tummy Time Tips

Getting a great baby play mat is very important. When parents take a look at the one that is right for their situation, they will want to purchase it. They can also let other people know when they are having their baby shower so that others can purchase it as a gift for them. Having the best baby play mat will allow a child to roll and learn to crawl without getting hurt or being uncomfortable. Since having a great baby play mat is something all parents are interested in, they will want to check out the Baby Care Play Mat as soon as possible to see how great it really is.

Simple Buying Guide for Baby Swing

Babies grow at a higher rate when they sleeping, and it is very essential for your little ones to sleep well. Making sure your baby is comfortable and safe during its sleep is to provide him or her with a best baby swing. In addition to these, there are other features you must look for and other considerations and you are here to understand all through this simple buying guide for baby swing.

Baby SwingSafety and Stability

Safety of the baby has to be given utmost priority and hence while buying the swing you must ensure that it has a lower center of gravity as well as wide base. This will hold the swing sturdy even when the baby twists and turns to one side. Since there is a necessity to carry the swing to your car, it also has to have 5-point harness belt as an important feature.

Sound and Speed

Depending on the nature and moods of babies, some of them sleep well if the swing is rocked slowly while some of their moods might require faster swinging speed to distract or calm them. Hence, pick a baby swing that has variable speed option and different swing patterns. You may also look for a swing that has mild music with volume control. However, when you buy the one with music option, ensure that you have an option to switch off the music when you do not require.

Battery or Wind Up Option

Contemporary swings are offered with or without battery and you may choose one based on your personal taste. Each of them has its plus and minus. Battery ones removes the need for rewinding the swing manually but the batter has to be replaced every now and then depending on the usage. Whereas; wind up swings get noisy while winding and rewinding, which could disturb the baby’s sleep.

Reclining Feature

The next important feature this simple buying guide for baby swing would offer you is to look into the reclining option. Newborns require reclining swings to prevent their back while slightly older babies might require swings with upright position. You must make a wise decision in this based on the baby’s age and make sure the position of the baby in the swing must not restrict its breathing.

Fold up Tray

The baby swing has to have a fold up or flip out tray, as this would prevent the baby’s leg from getting hurt or scraping while you are taking the baby out of the swing. Getting an open top swing also ensures safety of the baby’s head.


With this simple buying guide for baby swing, you can now go with confidence and pick your favorite swing to comfort your little baby.

Sleep Clean, Dry, and Healthy with the Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Waterproof Mattress Protector ReviewsYou spend a lot of your time in bed. Would it not be great if you had a product that allowed you to sleep clean, comfortably and healthy. There are a lot of products on the market that would complete this task. We will take a look at several products with their features and then you can choose what works best for you.

The first product that we will take a look at is Luna Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector. This product protects you from several common allergens and other things. This mattress protector is also water proof so it can protect you against spilled liquids and urine. This product is made from a material that does not cause allergies and allows air flow.

The second product that we will take a look at is SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector – Vinyl, PVC and Phthalate Free. This product offers great protection against a variety of things. It is also breathable and allows air flow. It is also water proof protecting you from all liquids that may be spilled while in bed.

The third product we will look at is Sleep Tite by Malouf HypoallergenIic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector. This product protects you not only from liquids, but also different bugs and allergens. This material is breathable an allows air flow. It also protects you from moisture which may be acquired from sweating. This product keeps you dry an comfortable while you sleep.

The fourth product we will look at is Sleep Tite by Malouf ENCASE? Mattress Protector. This product protects you and keeps you dry and comfortable. It protects you from different allergens as well as liquids as it is water proof. It is made from a material that hypoallergenic, so as to not cause any allergic reactions.

The fifth product we will look at is LinenSpa? Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector. This product protects you from allergens and bugs. You stay cool an comfortable with this product. This product also is waterproof so it does repel all liquids keeping you dry.

So now you have 5 different Waterproof Mattress Protector products to choose from. Some of the features are different while others are the same. When choosing products go over each of the features and see what works best for you. These products do offer a warranty, so it will offer you peace of mind when purchasing this product.

More Sleep Problems During Pregnancy

When To Start Potty Training

When To Start Potty TrainingYou will probably miss many things about your baby, once he/she grows up but changing of dirty diapers is not one of them. Teaching you child how to use the potty actually requires time and also patience on your side as parent. Cooperation of a reasonable degree between the parent and the child must also be there and your child needs to be well motivated. Key success to Potty Training girls or boys is when you start training your child when he/she is truly able to do so.

Some kids can start the training when they are as young as 18 months while others may take up to 4 years especially if the child is not ready to learn. A study that was conducted recently by an independent institution in the United States indicated that girls tend to learn potty training faster as compared to potty training boys. The studies also indicated that second born and third born tend to potty train faster that the first born.

There is not point of starting to train your child if he/she is not psychologically ready. Actually, you will be wasting your time. Studies shows that most parents begin to train the child when they are not yet ready hence making the process to take longer. The first thing that you are supposed to do as a parent before you start to train your child is to use your check list to see if indeed your child is primed for Potty Training.

Here are five signs that indicate that your child is ready for training

  • · If your child is able to stay dry for several hours during the day or even overnight.
  • · When your child actually knows if he/she soils or wet his/her diaper and also knows the meaning of words like
    ”poop”,”potty”,” pee” among others.
  • · When your child shows some level of independence by doing things for himself or herself.
  • · When your child id able to pull pant up and down.
  • · When your child starts asking you questions or starts showing interest when he/she sees other kids using the potty.

When your child shows the above mentioned signs, there are very high chances that he/she is ready for the training. Ensure that your child’s routine is predictable and well established. To train, the following is recommended.

Let your child watch and learn from you. Children always learn from parents and when your child sees you using the washroom, he/she will slowly start learning that he/she also need to do the same. You should also buy the right and recommended equipment that is of your child size and one that he/she will always fell comfortable and secure when using it. As a parent, you should also assist your child to be able to feel comfortable when using the potty.

Best Guide When Buying Body Pillow For Pregnancy

A body pillow for pregnancy is a key per-natal accessory as it is very useful to the comfort, health and rest of a pregnant mother. Though the head pillows can also be used to support other parts of the body, pregnancy pillows are more comfortable because they are intended precisely for that purpose.

Body Pillow For PregnancyThe pregnancy pillows support the hip and back as it aligns the hip and back thus decreasing the pain that comes about with the increasing tummy that leads to addition of the weight the expectant mother has to carry. The belly increases continuously throughout the woman’s pregnancy, it therefore becomes difficult finding a sleeping position that is comfortable. This leads to the need of a pregnancy pillow which will support the belly as well as protect it by covering it. Below is a simple guide on available pregnancy pillows for the mother-to-be, to be able to make an informed choice on which one will give her the comfort as well as the much-needed sleep.

Simple Pregnancy Pillows

This pillow mainly provides support to the uterus of the mother. They are usually two pillows with a regular size and combined vertically. It is placed on the back side to prevent the expectant mother from sleeping on her back flat.

Full Length Pregnancy Pillows

This pillow supports the belly, knees and the back. It gives the expectant mother a good sleep as well as reduces pain. It is about 5 feet long, thus the pregnant woman can wrap it around which eases the pain or put it around the back and front.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillows

It is small in size and mostly used for reducing the pressure on the back of a pregnant woman which will then reduce back pains. It is placed underneath the back or the stomach.

Bean-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

These pillows have a bean shape with straps that are adjustable at each end. They are designed specifically to give support to the stomach on one side and the back on the other. It reduces pain and discomfort by supporting the heavy belly. It works by wrapping it between the mother-to-bee knees to the stomach’s bottom part.

There are other factors to consider when choosing a body pillow for pregnancy. An expectant mother should purchase a pregnant pillow with a cover that is removable for easy cleaning when it gets messed up. Due to the extra blood carried by pregnant women, they tend to get very hot at night thus a pregnancy pillow that is breathable is recommended.

Memory loss during pregnancy

Memory loss during pregnancyMany pregnant women reported they experienced memory loss during their pregnancy. The latest research also suggests it might be caused by the increased amount hormone levels which affect the brain and cause temporary memory loss.

And this temporary memory loss causes some concern to women and they don’t know if the memory ability will grow back after the delivery. The research also found that women only lost the memory of what happened during the pregnancy, they still remember what happened in the past before the pregnancy, and the memory will not grow back until 3 months after the delivery; the memory loss becomes even worse in the third trimester.

Is there anything to do to prevent this memory loss from happening?

It is very hard to prevent the memory loss from happening during pregnancy. According to some studies, the memory loss is attributed to weakened memory from iron-deficiency during pregnancy. Because the will-be-born baby consumed the nutrition, your body can’t produce sufficient amounts of iron to fill the gap. To some extent, it is very likely that you will suffer temporary iron-deficient anaemia. The common symptoms you will suffer are fatigue, weakness, anxiety, irritability, lower mood and forgetful ness. You won’t prevent it from happening unless you take supplement nutrition to alleviate the situation, but the symptoms will not go away until 3 months after delivery.

Even worse, some women complained that they could not remember some phone numbers although they used to dial those numbers very frequently. They felt frustrated about the things going on in their brain. Their gynaecologist could only advise them to take it easy and use some visualized methods to memorize the daily used information. Sometimes the method does help them a bit; it does not relieve their stresses and frustration.

Many studies show that during pregnancy, a woman’s brain starts to shrink, which is attributed to the amount of hormone production decrease therefore it affects and weakens women’s memory.

Does forgetfulness indicate if anything is wrong?

By itself, temporary forgetfulness won’t affect your mental health; it just temporarily happens during pregnancy and lasts about 3 months after delivery. Your concentration ability reduces and you suffer a loss of interest or pleasure in certain things every day, you also feel depressed sometimes. But once your body status returns back to normal and you consume some supplement nutrition, your memory will grow back.

Because you temporarily suffer a loss of memory, therefore you need to eat some vegetables rich in iron, such as spinach, to naturally supplement the iron deficiency so that you can keep your nutrients in your blood stream in balance. In the meantime, you need to have a regular sleep routine and have sufficient hours of rest to keep your brain in a clear status and not be influenced and affected by this temporary symptom. Apart from them, you’d better have regular exercise routine also. Exercise such as walking, stretching your arms, legs and waist to relax your mind so as to relieve your frustration and concerns.

Before pregnancy, many couples are concerned about “sex positions to conceive baby”. However as soon as they were on another journey, they started to concern about something else, such as the suffering of a loss of memory.

Overall, the majority of women will suffer a loss of memory impairment during pregnancy, but it is not a lifelong symptom, eventually it will go away after the delivery.