Best Guide When Buying Body Pillow For Pregnancy

A body pillow for pregnancy is a key per-natal accessory as it is very useful to the comfort, health and rest of a pregnant mother. Though the head pillows can also be used to support other parts of the body, pregnancy pillows are more comfortable because they are intended precisely for that purpose.

Body Pillow For PregnancyThe pregnancy pillows support the hip and back as it aligns the hip and back thus decreasing the pain that comes about with the increasing tummy that leads to addition of the weight the expectant mother has to carry. The belly increases continuously throughout the woman’s pregnancy, it therefore becomes difficult finding a sleeping position that is comfortable. This leads to the need of a pregnancy pillow which will support the belly as well as protect it by covering it. Below is a simple guide on available pregnancy pillows for the mother-to-be, to be able to make an informed choice on which one will give her the comfort as well as the much-needed sleep.

Simple Pregnancy Pillows

This pillow mainly provides support to the uterus of the mother. They are usually two pillows with a regular size and combined vertically. It is placed on the back side to prevent the expectant mother from sleeping on her back flat.

Full Length Pregnancy Pillows

This pillow supports the belly, knees and the back. It gives the expectant mother a good sleep as well as reduces pain. It is about 5 feet long, thus the pregnant woman can wrap it around which eases the pain or put it around the back and front.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillows

It is small in size and mostly used for reducing the pressure on the back of a pregnant woman which will then reduce back pains. It is placed underneath the back or the stomach.

Bean-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

These pillows have a bean shape with straps that are adjustable at each end. They are designed specifically to give support to the stomach on one side and the back on the other. It reduces pain and discomfort by supporting the heavy belly. It works by wrapping it between the mother-to-bee knees to the stomach’s bottom part.

There are other factors to consider when choosing a body pillow for pregnancy. An expectant mother should purchase a pregnant pillow with a cover that is removable for easy cleaning when it gets messed up. Due to the extra blood carried by pregnant women, they tend to get very hot at night thus a pregnancy pillow that is breathable is recommended.

Memory loss during pregnancy

Memory loss during pregnancyMany pregnant women reported they experienced memory loss during their pregnancy. The latest research also suggests it might be caused by the increased amount hormone levels which affect the brain and cause temporary memory loss.

And this temporary memory loss causes some concern to women and they don’t know if the memory ability will grow back after the delivery. The research also found that women only lost the memory of what happened during the pregnancy, they still remember what happened in the past before the pregnancy, and the memory will not grow back until 3 months after the delivery; the memory loss becomes even worse in the third trimester.

Is there anything to do to prevent this memory loss from happening?

It is very hard to prevent the memory loss from happening during pregnancy. According to some studies, the memory loss is attributed to weakened memory from iron-deficiency during pregnancy. Because the will-be-born baby consumed the nutrition, your body can’t produce sufficient amounts of iron to fill the gap. To some extent, it is very likely that you will suffer temporary iron-deficient anaemia. The common symptoms you will suffer are fatigue, weakness, anxiety, irritability, lower mood and forgetful ness. You won’t prevent it from happening unless you take supplement nutrition to alleviate the situation, but the symptoms will not go away until 3 months after delivery.

Even worse, some women complained that they could not remember some phone numbers although they used to dial those numbers very frequently. They felt frustrated about the things going on in their brain. Their gynaecologist could only advise them to take it easy and use some visualized methods to memorize the daily used information. Sometimes the method does help them a bit; it does not relieve their stresses and frustration.

Many studies show that during pregnancy, a woman’s brain starts to shrink, which is attributed to the amount of hormone production decrease therefore it affects and weakens women’s memory.

Does forgetfulness indicate if anything is wrong?

By itself, temporary forgetfulness won’t affect your mental health; it just temporarily happens during pregnancy and lasts about 3 months after delivery. Your concentration ability reduces and you suffer a loss of interest or pleasure in certain things every day, you also feel depressed sometimes. But once your body status returns back to normal and you consume some supplement nutrition, your memory will grow back.

Because you temporarily suffer a loss of memory, therefore you need to eat some vegetables rich in iron, such as spinach, to naturally supplement the iron deficiency so that you can keep your nutrients in your blood stream in balance. In the meantime, you need to have a regular sleep routine and have sufficient hours of rest to keep your brain in a clear status and not be influenced and affected by this temporary symptom. Apart from them, you’d better have regular exercise routine also. Exercise such as walking, stretching your arms, legs and waist to relax your mind so as to relieve your frustration and concerns.

Before pregnancy, many couples are concerned about “sex positions to conceive baby”. However as soon as they were on another journey, they started to concern about something else, such as the suffering of a loss of memory.

Overall, the majority of women will suffer a loss of memory impairment during pregnancy, but it is not a lifelong symptom, eventually it will go away after the delivery.

How to get pregnant with twins?

Have you ever wished you and your partner could get pregnant with twins? Twin babies can be identical or different in gender depending on the fertilization process occurring during conception. Some couples are lucky with the outcome of being pregnant with twins. For those couples who really expect twins, there are some vital, natural ways to get it happened.

How to get pregnant with twins?A history of twins in the family

Does anyone in your family have twins? According to medical studies, having twins is hereditary. If your mother, grandmother or anyone in your family had twins before, it is likely that you might inherit the gene for dual ovulation. It is not certain, but at least the possibility exists. If you could take some other measures based on the advice given by your gynaecologist to increase the chance of conceiving twins, you will be pregnant with twins.

The percentage of conceiving twins

The chance of conceiving twins is very slim and rare, only about every 1 in 89 child births lead to twins. The percentage is not too bad and still encouraging. If some measures and considerations are taken, the percentage might be increased obviously, such as fertility medication or in-vitro fertilization, however all of the treatments will be extremely expensive, certainly the couple can do something natural to increase the chance.

Increase your weight

Conceiving twins does require you to put on some extra weight. You need to eat more than usual to be slightly overweight, so that the chance of bearing twins becomes more likely. But keep in mind, you can’t eat those junk foods, you need to eat more dairy food, such as milk, yogurt and cheese and you can obtain sufficient nutrients to increase the possibility of conceiving twins. Also those dairy foods increase by five times the chance of being pregnant with twins based on the scientific studies. According to some medical studies, women of slightly taller than normal height, the body conceiving twins is higher than women shorter in height. If you have those advantages and you are above 35 years of age, of course at such an age range, even a slim hope will give you pleasure of having twins.

Take foods containing a folic acid element

If you are considering becoming pregnant sooner or later, and you are definitely sure that you are expecting twins, you’d better take some foods containing folic acid or you can consult your gynaecologist to prescribe the supplement. According to birth control studies, if women take a folic acid supplement, a 40% chance exists to conceive twins. And many women have experienced it and proven this method does work on them.

IVF or fertility drugs method

If you still doubt those natural methods of conceiving twins, you can try IVF or fertility drugs. Those methods will ensure you of conceiving twins. But you need to consult your OBGYN to work out the best option for you such as if you can stay either natural or man-made route.

No matter if you can conceive a baby or twins, pregnancy and baby’s birth is a blessing to your family. However you should always consider “sex positions to conceive a baby” is the essential factor. Enjoying the fruits of your labour can be extremely pleasurable.

How to Give Birth to Smarter Babies by Exercising While Pregnant

Is it true that exercising while pregnant can help a baby’s brain through development? Motherhood is a world that brings extraordinary experiences. It typically gives women a sense of comfort and fulfillment, unlike any other worldly titles. When a woman is planning to or has conceived, her child’s well-being is a top priority. Sadly, not all of them receive satisfaction. What are the trending health options for pregnant women wanting well-developed children? Are their efforts enough to positively foster success?

Exercising While PregnantPositive Effects of Exercising While Pregnant

Conversely, some expectant mothers choose to take part in rigorous workouts and change their lifestyle. Both are sensible approaches to explore realistic options but with moderation. To be candid with reason, a generously high percent of moms-to-be approach self-help methods unreasonably. A group of medical experts recently explored the benefits of exercising while pregnant. Their research involved pregnant women who engaged in maternity-appropriate exercises and those who did not. They concluded that mothers-to-be can tremendously benefit from routine exercise. It proves reliable to increase a baby’s brain development comparatively faster to the newborn of a mother lacking such ethics. In comparison to their counterparts, babies whose mothers engaged in routine maternal workouts showed brain maturity and responsiveness to sound.

What happens after delivery?

Scientists have taken it upon themselves to pursue future studies. The aim is to understand if the advanced brain development patterns observed in unborn babies progress to childhood. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in exploring positive ways to reduce stress for both mothers and their young. In addition, exercise is an excellent addition to speed up the recovery after childbirth. This encourages mother and child to bond without restrictions.

Exercising while pregnant relieves back pain

Almost all moms-to-be suffer from back pain at some point during pregnancy. Moreover, other concerns linger about life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes. Sleeplessness is another distressing discomfort to those in the development stages. Exercise is an inexpensive remedy to prevent and put a stop to such conditions. A mother’s wellness is critical to childbirth and development. What’s more, exercise prepares the body to undergo the extreme pressures of labor.

In concluding, pregnant women must first consult their obstetrician/gynecologists before pursuing to exercise. Those classified as high-risk pregnancies are particularly cautioned about such events. Researchers are in no way implying that babies whose mothers do not exercise are liable to birth deformities. The findings offer a strategic solution to aid mothers in their effort to stay healthy for their unborn babies.

What is the best age to get pregnant?

Age does play an important role in getting pregnant, but it won’t be the sole determination of being pregnant. There are other factors which should be taken into consideration if you considering conceiving a baby in the near future. Other things you should consider are things such as sex positions, health condition, medical condition and so on.

From women’s perspective

According to the latest medical studies, nowadays, the number of women getting pregnant between their late 30’s and early 40’s is increasing because they don’t feel secure about getting pregnant in their 20’s. This attributes that 85% of marriages end up in a divorce in the world. Women prefer to not get pregnant until they obtain a stable and secure financial situation.

The other report reveals if women in their late 30’s and early 40’s are more likely to suffer pregnancy complications, such as premature birth, miscarriage and a rupture in the amniotic membrane. Especially if the age turns to early the 40’s, they are more likely to need a Caesarean.

If women do expect a baby in their life, they should be aware of the lifecycle of their fertility. The number of women turning to their mid-30’s and suffering the difficulty of conceiving a baby is increasing compared with those ten years younger although they are still able to get pregnant, more medical treatments will be applied.

However the statistics report is just a report, obviously women are able to get pregnant as long as they still have an ovulation cycle until the ovulation stops which is generally indicated by the onset of menopause. But some other advanced technological methods can be applied to assist you to get a baby such as IVF.

From men’s perspective

However men have very different fertility cycles. Their fertility will decline when they turn 25 and the statistic report also reveals that when men are at the average of 40, it will take at least 2 years to get his partner pregnant even when his partner is in her early 20’s because of sperm motility. In other words, the sperm swimming is declining which leads to the chance that sperm being fertile is more likely to decrease.

In the meantime, the quantity and quality of sperm are not good because infrequent sex occurs. Despite this discovery, men are still more likely to have the ability to get his partner pregnant at all ages.

In spite of those concerns, generic concern arises for men after 45 because after this age, besides low-quality semen, generic quality of men’s sperm should also be observed. Like the generic defects in the sperm increase which will result in the decrease of successful fertility and leads to the percentage of miscarriages and other risks of birth defects.

According to the studies mentioned above, if a couple have planned to have a baby, they better plan it for the ages of 25-35 for women and 45 for men. These age ranges will create fewer life difficulties and burdens. Nowadays, apart from those concerns above, others, such as living environment and air pollution also affect quality of birth.

Overall, the earlier you have a baby, the more chance you have. At least both of you are still energized and full of strength, you will raise them easily otherwise you will feel extremely exhausted every day because you have to go to work and in the meantime you have to look after your children.