Quitting Weed While Pregnant? Here’s How to Counter the Cravings

A common myth is that marijuana isn’t addictive. Sure, it might not create the same type of physical dependency as tobacco or opium, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t addictive. Anything that becomes a habitual part of your life can be difficult to shake. If you’re trying to lay off the leaf, here are some tips to help fight through the cravings.


Find out what your triggers are. For example, are you accustomed to smoking every day at a certain time, in a certain place, or with certain friends? Maybe you like to blaze when you watch Star Trek or listen to Phish. Identify those triggers, and work around them. Start setting new habits–put your Pink Floyd records away, turn off the Discovery Channel, and move away from those triggers.


If you’re trying to stay away from your triggers, it helps to have some alternative activities in place. Starting a workout program can be a real help. Exercising is fun, produces natural endorphins, and will help you take up the time that you used to spend burning. And you’ll feel better knowing that you’re putting time into something that’s good for you. Outdoor activities are a great form of exercies–whether it’s playing basketball at your local gym or going for a long hike in the woods, you’ll have plent of stimulation to keep your mind off the weed. Or maybe try a creative hobby instead–start writing, playing music, or painting.


I’m not going to say you can’t see your burner crew ever again, but you’re going to want to limit how much time you spend with them, especially in the early days. Your real friends should understand and support your decision to put down the pipe. Spend time with people who don’t smoke for a while and start to develop some new interests and hobbies that include them. Interested in art? Join a painting class and make new friends there. Shooting hoops at the gym? Invite your teammates over for lunch and get to know them. This will help you develop a network of friends outside your old smoking buddies.


It certainly won’t be easy at first, but listening to the above advice will help you get through the roughest patch. As time goes on, you’ll find yourself craving pot less and less, until eventually, you don’t want or need it at all. In the meantime, stay active and make some new friends!

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