When To Start Potty Training

When To Start Potty TrainingYou will probably miss many things about your baby, once he/she grows up but changing of dirty diapers is not one of them. Teaching you child how to use the potty actually requires time and also patience on your side as parent. Cooperation of a reasonable degree between the parent and the child must also be there and your child needs to be well motivated. Key success to Potty Training girls or boys is when you start training your child when he/she is truly able to do so.

Some kids can start the training when they are as young as 18 months while others may take up to 4 years especially if the child is not ready to learn. A study that was conducted recently by an independent institution in the United States indicated that girls tend to learn potty training faster as compared to potty training boys. The studies also indicated that second born and third born tend to potty train faster that the first born.

There is not point of starting to train your child if he/she is not psychologically ready. Actually, you will be wasting your time. Studies shows that most parents begin to train the child when they are not yet ready hence making the process to take longer. The first thing that you are supposed to do as a parent before you start to train your child is to use your check list to see if indeed your child is primed for Potty Training.

Here are five signs that indicate that your child is ready for training

  • · If your child is able to stay dry for several hours during the day or even overnight.
  • · When your child actually knows if he/she soils or wet his/her diaper and also knows the meaning of words like
    ”poop”,”potty”,” pee” among others.
  • · When your child shows some level of independence by doing things for himself or herself.
  • · When your child id able to pull pant up and down.
  • · When your child starts asking you questions or starts showing interest when he/she sees other kids using the potty.

When your child shows the above mentioned signs, there are very high chances that he/she is ready for the training. Ensure that your child’s routine is predictable and well established. To train, the following is recommended.

Let your child watch and learn from you. Children always learn from parents and when your child sees you using the washroom, he/she will slowly start learning that he/she also need to do the same. You should also buy the right and recommended equipment that is of your child size and one that he/she will always fell comfortable and secure when using it. As a parent, you should also assist your child to be able to feel comfortable when using the potty.