Memory loss during pregnancy

Memory loss during pregnancyMany pregnant women reported they experienced memory loss during their pregnancy. The latest research also suggests it might be caused by the increased amount hormone levels which affect the brain and cause temporary memory loss.

And this temporary memory loss causes some concern to women and they don’t know if the memory ability will grow back after the delivery. The research also found that women only lost the memory of what happened during the pregnancy, they still remember what happened in the past before the pregnancy, and the memory will not grow back until 3 months after the delivery; the memory loss becomes even worse in the third trimester.

Is there anything to do to prevent this memory loss from happening?

It is very hard to prevent the memory loss from happening during pregnancy. According to some studies, the memory loss is attributed to weakened memory from iron-deficiency during pregnancy. Because the will-be-born baby consumed the nutrition, your body can’t produce sufficient amounts of iron to fill the gap. To some extent, it is very likely that you will suffer temporary iron-deficient anaemia. The common symptoms you will suffer are fatigue, weakness, anxiety, irritability, lower mood and forgetful ness. You won’t prevent it from happening unless you take supplement nutrition to alleviate the situation, but the symptoms will not go away until 3 months after delivery.

Even worse, some women complained that they could not remember some phone numbers although they used to dial those numbers very frequently. They felt frustrated about the things going on in their brain. Their gynaecologist could only advise them to take it easy and use some visualized methods to memorize the daily used information. Sometimes the method does help them a bit; it does not relieve their stresses and frustration.

Many studies show that during pregnancy, a woman’s brain starts to shrink, which is attributed to the amount of hormone production decrease therefore it affects and weakens women’s memory.

Does forgetfulness indicate if anything is wrong?

By itself, temporary forgetfulness won’t affect your mental health; it just temporarily happens during pregnancy and lasts about 3 months after delivery. Your concentration ability reduces and you suffer a loss of interest or pleasure in certain things every day, you also feel depressed sometimes. But once your body status returns back to normal and you consume some supplement nutrition, your memory will grow back.

Because you temporarily suffer a loss of memory, therefore you need to eat some vegetables rich in iron, such as spinach, to naturally supplement the iron deficiency so that you can keep your nutrients in your blood stream in balance. In the meantime, you need to have a regular sleep routine and have sufficient hours of rest to keep your brain in a clear status and not be influenced and affected by this temporary symptom. Apart from them, you’d better have regular exercise routine also. Exercise such as walking, stretching your arms, legs and waist to relax your mind so as to relieve your frustration and concerns.

Before pregnancy, many couples are concerned about “sex positions to conceive baby”. However as soon as they were on another journey, they started to concern about something else, such as the suffering of a loss of memory.

Overall, the majority of women will suffer a loss of memory impairment during pregnancy, but it is not a lifelong symptom, eventually it will go away after the delivery.